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Left to right (first row): Joseph Sullivan, Esq., J. D. Sullivan, Esq., and Gene Kaufmann, Esq.
Left to right (second row): Lisa Apple, Christine Sullivan, Mizuki Olivarez, and Caryn K. Haller

Sullivan Law, a Professional Corporation, is a general civil transactions and litigation firm, founded in Los Angeles in 1981 by J. D. Sullivan.

The firm brings an aggressive yet practical approach to civil litigation and transactional work, believing that the best result of any legal matter is one achieved fairly and efficiently, without unnecessary time, expense or heartache.

Lawsuits are legal war, and the side with the most firepower often prevails. However, life is just too short to spend it litigating and, absent settlement, litigation rarely results in reconciliation or a feeling of absolute victory.

As a result, Sullivan Law utilizes, whenever possible, alternative dispute resolution techniques such as arbitration, mediation and settlement conferences, so that disputes can be resolved as early as possible, before years of time, energy and money have been spent.

However, our experience is that the best settlements and trial verdicts result from thorough preparation and dealing from a position of strength, hence our aggressive approach to litigating.

The mission of Sullivan Law is to further justice by compassionately providing the finest legal services and counsel while maintaining uncompromising moral and ethical standards.

Jeremiah 9:23-24