We are so grateful and blessed that JD Sullivan, at Sullivan Law, represented us in our business legal situation. There are times when you have no choice but to seek legal counsel. To ensure you will not be taken advantage of. JD was sent from above, to help us deal with our legal situation. He helped us fully understand our rights, under the law. He took the time to listen to our case and advise us regarding our contracts and what legal action to take. He quickly and expertly took on our case and worked to bring a fair and expedient settlement. JD’s professional and personal passion, in keeping us from being taken advantage of, saved us thousands of dollars and further loss. JD doesn’t just know the law and your rights, both as an individual and in business, but he truly cares about you and your wellbeing. He is an attorney who goes above and beyond at all times to advise, negotiate, and fight for you. At times, the stress was overwhelming and JD’s words of encouragement and personal care were a great comfort. He is a man with much wisdom and integrity in dealing with business legal matters. We highly recommend JD at Sullivan Law.


I came to J. D. Sullivan by word of mouth. I always heard that if you want something done, and done right, he's your "go-to" lawyer. I can say that Sullivan Law has over-delivered in a vast array of legal questions and products I requested.

My first hiring of Sullivan Law was some years ago, after a serious motor vehicle accident. When I met with J. D. Sullivan, his main concern was that I was feeling better and getting the proper treatment. He was able to refer me to some of the finest medical doctors to help with my injuries. The legal portion was broken down for me into a language I could understand and make good judgment decisions on. After we were successful in my personal injury case, the office of Sullivan Law kept in contact to make sure all was well. I ended up moving to Florida for a couple of years. A couple of years later I found myself in much need of the mountain terrain and less beach and tourist, so I decided to move back to Carson Valley.

I also started a business and while I was planning I thought to give Sullivan Law a call to see if they could help. I was pleased to hear that J. D. Sullivan was able to assist me personally in filing all business state, federal requirements. Mr. Sullivan had some great referrals to help me get started, such as a CPA firm.

A bit later on, after the forming of the business was completed, I wanted get a trademark registration for my business, and Sullivan Law handled the for me too - a one stop shop for me. Their advice was simple and clarified my understanding, as it always has. Follow-ups down the line have been remarkably easy and communication with Sullivan Law is fantastic. My overall experience with J. D. Sullivan and Sullivan Law has been easygoing, no pressure, laid back, and of course on target, on-time and most importantly strong and persistent with litigation matters. His staff is friendly and remember me each time I call or visit. Pricing is fair and honest, no surprises. You can count on Sullivan Law detailing each and every expense, so you know what you are paying for. Sullivan Law is Fair and Honest and I would recommend them to anyone needing legal counsel.

Jason Derrer, Gardnerville NV,

J.D. at Sullivan Law has just completed the formation and purchase of my new business. I was amazed at how hard this man worked on these life-changing and very confusing cases. He kept the communication lines going day and night with bankers, accountants, landlords and owners and stayed on top of each step so we would met our deadlines. He went above and beyond to help answer my questions. He truly is an expert in his field and I wouldn't want anyone else in my corner if I had to do it again. Thank you so much J.D.!

Frank R., Minden,
NV 5/2/16